Be a hero, try something new

Our sharing and rental marketplace gives you a better way to not be naked. 

Make the most our of your wardrobe with less of an environmental impact.

1. Get your invite

We want to start a community and marketplace that you can trust.

So right now we are invite only, but dont worry you can invite friends too soon!

3. Invite friends and network

Starrt connecting with like minded sustainable fashionistas out there. 

You will receive invitations so the sharing can begin.

2. Create digital closet

The next step is to create your digital closet,, Just snap a pic of what you want to rent or sell and add it to you personilised closet.

. We help you with all the details ,such as pricing, phot0 and text editing and garment refresh and cleaning options.

4. Start selling or renting

We love being collaborative and flexible.

In our marketplace you can buy, sell, rent or share.. The choice is yours.

Right now our first  baby step is to get our sharing and renting marketplace up and running for you!  The more people you ask for invites the sonner we get this rolling!

Start your digital closet today!


We are a diverse collection of people who share the values of living a sustainble lifestyle, we love fashion and the planet.

We know their is a better way to not  be naked and are here to prove it !



Phone: 0046 734416863


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